Steelhead Fishing from Keith Brauneis on Vimeo.

Steelhead fishing on the Northwest coast. Shot for Red Truck Fly Rods.

Season Two Episode 2: The Sacrifice from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

Easter is over, and episode 2 is here.
Press CC for English subtitles, and enjoy!

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Into The Void - Rio Gallegos (Spanish Subtitles) from Solid Adventures on Vimeo.

Rio Gallegos - Into The Void (Spanish Subtitles)
The Rio Gallegos River is nearly 300kms in length and has its origin in the Southern Andes with two pristine and very beautiful streams, the Penitente and the Ruebens. Winding its way through the wild Patagonian landscape, it emerges into the surprisingly mountainous area that encompasses the unique Las Buitreras beats, some 40kms from the river mouth.
Pablo Saracco,
Stephan Dombaj,
Paulo Hoffmann

Pablo Saracco

Christer Sjöberg,
Rickard Sjöberg,
Stephan Gian Dombaj Junior,
Stefan Franzmann,
Paul Becher,
Howard Evans,
Ken Morrish,
Diego Peralta,
Marcus Glistorp,
Steinar Simonsen,
Claudio Martin,
Frank Serbus,

Special thanks to:
Solid Adventures
Skinny Water Culture
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Save a Horse, Ride an Angler from DeltaTroutForce on Vimeo.

In DeltaTroutForce’s latest feature, we battled wild trout, numbing weather, and even a ninja in waders. For more of our adventures and video shorts, visit

fly fishing collaborative from Ian Pratt on Vimeo.

as humans, we’re not meant to just consume. we meant to create beautiful things, to impact those around us, to leave a mark on the world.
there needs to be a bigger purpose behind all the things that we do.
that’s when it dawned on us… we can use fly fishing to create change.
a year ago i spent a morning on the river with some friends who had been telling me about an organization they had started that used fly fishing to make an impact on those in need.
over the past year, they have made some amazing strides,
a couple weeks ago, i got back out with them.
we hiked out to the river before dawn,
and by the time the sun rose, i had already experienced more beauty in a few hours than i normally do in a month.
and this video is a little look into some of the amazing things they are doing.
i’m excited to share with you a touch of that beauty i got to experience
but more so excited to share with you this amazing story and even more amazing undertaking.
note from bucky:
None of this is possible without the friends in the fly fishing community banding together with the common focus to help. We want to thank everyone that has climbed on board with what we’re doing. It seriously would be impossible without you. I think of Marty and Mia shepherd of Little Creek Outfittters. They donated the first guided trip that we ever received. Their generosity and dedication to helping others is so inspiring. The industry is lucky to have them. I think of Joel Loffiette from Royal Treatment fly shop, and Brian Silvey, I think of Adventures Across Oregon, Small Stream Outfitters, and so many other guides, fly tiers, and good hearted people that have helped us along the way.

Liquid Gold Film from Keith Brauneis on Vimeo.

This is an adventure film through the Eastern Sierra range in search of Golden Trout. It was made for CalTrout in an effort to bring awareness to this fish in hopes that continued awareness will aid the the survival of this species.

Fly Fishing (1955) (by British Pathé)

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Oh my God! Very bad fly fishing by Peter in New Zealand from Kokkaffe Media on Vimeo.

This little edit follows Peter’s streak of bad luck and not-so-pro fuck ups during a recent New Zealand trip with the Nylinder brothers.