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Night Hogs from TroutFace Media on Vimeo.

Great weekend night hoggin with these boys! Tough to get some good video in the dark, but it was one hell of a weekend. Each catching no less than a dozen fish per night!

Credit: AC/DC - Hells Bells and Black Sabbath - War Pigs

#norge #fisking #fjellfiske #finprikkørret #ørret #hardangervidda

Fly fishing - Finnmark 27.08.2014 - Mika Vainio from Juuso Syrjä on Vimeo.

One of those days. It’s foggy, cold and it’s raining whole day.
You feel thirsty, hungry, tired and cold.
Friends are calling, as they are heading already back to camp. That sounds like an excellent option, as you have been fishing whole day without any success. Different pools, different flies, different styles and nothing seems to work.
You are ready to give up.

We decided not to give up.

And just five minutes after…

"I think it’s like 5 kilos salmon.
Fuck! That’s much more than 5 kilos!
Rock ‘n’ roll!!”

Music: Sigur Rós “Sæglópur”
Director / camera / edit: Juuso Syrjä

Sorry about the quality, as it was raining constantly and I was forced to use only GoPro…

Bonanza Salmon from Vetle Kjærstad on Vimeo.

Fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon in the southern of Norway. Filmclips from one day of fishing. Lots of activity and moments - both good and bad ones!

Slovenia: A Dry Fly Adventure from river course media on Vimeo.

Film on Panasonic FZ1000 & GoPro 3+black
Alt J - Dissolve Me
AltJ - Ms

Enjoy watching.

#norge #fisking #fjellfiske #finprikkørret #ørret #hardangervidda

Finprikkørret på Hardangervidda http://ift.tt/1r9w6rR

Salmonfishing Lærdalselvi 2014 Neteland Production from Bjørnar Neteland on Vimeo.

Proud members of Arcticsilver team. arcticsilver.no

This is a video from Bjørnar and Anders Neteland 2 days of salmonfishing in Lærdalselvi 2014
As always Lærdal delivered great fishing and incredible action scenes
The goal of the fishingtrip was to get in contact with one of the monsters that are lurking in Lærdalsriver, and we did………

#norge #fisking #fjellfiske #finprikkørret #ørret #hardangervidda

Ren Kyst - got a spare afternoon?

(Source: youtube.com)